Going Home
Wed, Oct. 18 2013
Instrumental song Going Home receives a Semi-Finalist Songwriting Award in the 2013 Song of the Year Competition. Thank you Song of The Year!
Vh1’s “Save The Music” Song of the Year
Mon, Apr. 26 2012
Marc Giammarco named as *Suggested Artist to Watch in 2012* by Vh1’s Save The Music Song of the Year competition!
Vh1’s “Save the Music” Song of the Year
Mon, Feb. 12 2007
Song of the Year, Supporting Vh1’s Save the Music awards “Echoes” “Runner Up in Songwriting Excellence” in the December 2006 competition. Lyrics by Jerry Ebert & Music by Marc Giammarco
13th Annual Billboard World Song Contest
Fri, Jun. 23 2006
“American Beauties” and “Loosen Up Dance and Sing” place within Top 500 Songwriters, along with songs “Isn’t it Amazing”, “Get Up” and “Sitting on Dynamite”. These and other Billboard Award Winning Songs can be found on MUSIC: The Wisdom 1 Sessions CD.
Vh1’s “Save The Music” Song of the Year
Fri, Oct. 7 2005
Song of the Year, supporting Vh1’s Save the Music, awards Marc Giammarco ‘Runner Up in Songwriting Excellence’ in the Adult Contemporary category in the August 2005 Competition


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